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LearningRx Reviews Brain Training for Adults

Does Learning Rx Brain Training Work For Adults?

Brain training can strengthen cognitive skills regardless of age, making it an effective way to improve cognitive performance in adults. Many adults who struggle with memory, processing speed, attention, and more have turned to brain training for help. The following reviews were written by actual adult clients who found that brain training provided the improvements that they sought. While every client is different and the results can vary between people, the following reviews do not represent unusual or extreme results among adult clients who go through one-on-one brain training; instead, they reflect the kinds of results commonly experienced by LearningRx adult clients.

“Amazing program!”

I came in six months ago after struggling for years and not being a fluent reader or having the ability to remember. I am not confident, love reading, and will spend many years reading to my new baby girl! This is an amazing program with amazing staff and people who truly care!

–Chris, LearningRx client

“Helped me focus on what needed to be done.”

I took a course at LearningRx one summer and it helped me tremendously. I was going to be entering college blind and without a plan, but this helped not only organize me but help me focus on what needed to be done. I enjoyed the exercises and the instructors. They were all helpful with scheduling my appointments and being open for me. They truly wanted the best for me.

–James, LearningRx client

“I process information faster.”

I’m a middle age adult. I have a large family and I have owned my own business for the last 13 years and I managed one before that. I make decisions every day that affect the lives of many people. Most decisions are directly related to a dollar amount and determine whether I make or lose money. Some decisions that I make put actual lives on the line and as a parent my decisions are most certainly life changing. LearningRx has opened my mind to recognize information in all its forms: visual, audible (hearing and speaking), touch, logical, and even rhythm. I process information faster and I feel my choices are better when I use all the information available. The training has given me more confidence. The skills taught have shown me that with a focused effort I can accomplish a great deal more than what I have limited myself to in the past.

–Troy, LearningRx client

“The program works!”

The program works! I have seen great gains in my long and short-term memory along with reading and math skills. I am excited to further develop and use my improved cognitive skills in vet school.

–Erica, LearningRx client

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