Brain Training vs. Tutoring

LearningRx vs. Tutoring

LearningRx Reviews Brain Training and Tutoring Costs

If you are looking for someone to help your child get caught up after a long absence from school (due to vacation or illness), or if you’d like them to have a bit of extra attention in math or reading (if the child has not struggled in math or reading over the past few years), then group tutoring may be a good fit for your family. If you are looking for someone to help your teen practice for their college entrance tests, a specific test prep program is possibly the right option. However, if your child is struggling with reading, needs extra help at school, or finds learning, reading, spelling, and completing homework difficult, then brain training is the best option to help you reach the educational goals you have for your child.

Consider the Costs of Ongoing Tutoring vs. Intense Brain Training

Because the LearningRx program is designed to be completed in as little as 12 weeks, it is a very effective way to achieve your learning and reading goals. Consider this: LearningRx sees, on average, an IQ increase of 15 points (across nearly 18,000 students), as well as an average of over three years’ gain in reading skills in approximately 100 hours (or six months) of brain training. Based on typical tutoring results, that level of reading gain could take three to five years to achieve in a tutoring program – meaning you can expect to pay for tutoring for almost the entire duration of your child’s middle or high school career!

Is LearningRx Brain Training Worth the Cost?

With results on 17,998 clients, LearningRx brain training has the scientific evidence to show that our one-on-one approach works. In as little as 12 weeks, LearningRx clients improve the skills needed to think faster, remember more, and perform better in school and in life. Unlike tutoring, which is designed to provide a student with a small amount of additional help, LearningRx produces long-lasting, impactful gains for clients of all ages and with all levels of cognitive abilities. For that reason, LearningRx is well worth the price – which, as you can see, is comparable to the cost of tutoring.

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5 responses to “LearningRx vs. Tutoring”

  1. Leslie says:

    Our son has struggled in school since Kindergarten. We tried every program that was suggested to us to help him “catch up.” Some helped a little, some not at all. He was really tired of the continuous tutoring, software programs, summer school, and homework that he would never finish in class as other students did. We even tried medication but that didn’t help either. Then, he was screened and met the criteria for an auditory processing disorder. We started looking for something to help with his cognitive deficits in memory and processing. My sister, who is a psychologist in Florida, told us about the Learning Rx program. She helps patients who have suffered from traumatic brain injury. When we found the Learning Rx program in Murfreesboro we were so excited. After we realized the costs associated with the program, we were unsure that it was the right decision to make for our family. But as parents, you will do whatever it takes to give your child what he needs to succeed.

    The program is very structured and well-planned. It is a fun environment with encouraging trainers who place an emphasis on the positive. His trainer, was so patient with him and did a great job of gaining his confidence. It was hard for our son to give his trainer an improvement each week, but then it started to get easier for him to think about his accomplishments and was able to relay them back to her.

    Our son has a much better attention span and seems more focused. His confidence has greatly improved as well. He is doing homework and studying on his own for the first time ever. His grades remain in the A/B range even though he is on consultation status with his IEP. We are very glad that we found Learning Rx to help our son.

  2. My 15 year old son just completed the 32 week program and it was definitely worth the time commitment and the cost. It is amazing to see how his skills have improved, not only for school but for life in general. His confidence has greatly improved and he has been very successful with his first year of high school classes (without my daily assistance)!! He would still rather run around outside than sit down and read a book, but now he has the ability to visualize and comprehend when he does read. Brad and Kelsey were very professional and wonderful to work with! I am so thankful that I found out about LearningRx as it has made a major positive impact on our family life. Thank you LearningRx!!

  3. Jen T. says:

    We came to LearningRx after hearing a program overview at a PCA faculty meeting. The student she described as having a hard time focusing and slow processing speed, described my child perfectly. We scheduled testing and began the program in a matter of weeks. My son was partnered with the most amazing trainer. There are not enough adjectives to describe how amazing his trainer has been. He is very dynamic and enthusiastic. One of the things that stands out the most in my mind is the trainer’s encouragement. Over the course of 16 weeks, I have seen my son improve in speed of math facts, reading level, and confidence in himself. The investment in LearningRx has proven to be very beneficial for our family

  4. Terri says:

    At the end of last school year, despite very good grades, we had concerns about our son’s retention of skills and his processing speed. We weren’t interested in tutoring because we wanted to address the problem at the root. Testing at LearningRx confirmed our concerns. After hearing about the curriculum, we decided to try the program.

    When I first saw the procedures, I panicked. I couldn’t imagine that he could do these skills. I certainly couldn’t. But as he mastered each successive level, we were amazed. Before long, the skills that had been so difficult at the beginning were now just routine. At times, our son was frustrated, but we just kept pushing through. His confidence really soared as he saw himself doing more and more difficult procedures. That has been the best part, watching him believe in himself.

    Out trainer has been wonderful. She was encouraging, but also knew when to push. She has always been willing to work with our schedule. We believe LearningRx has given our son a valuable gift for the future and are hoping to see the benefits for years to come.

  5. Colleen D says:

    LearningRx worked for our daughter. We saw improvement both academically and personally. Her grades improved, along with her comprehension, confidence, and focus. We saw these improvements early in her sessions, with steady increases throughout the year. We had tried tutoring for several years and always felt like we were playing catch up, no matter how much time she put in. With LearningRx, she was able to address and work on the underlying issues, with incredible results across subjects and in personal areas like sports. She went from a struggling B/C student to A/B Honor Roll. Her comprehension has greatly improved, and she now does homework independently and with confidence. She used to hate school and now says she loves math and science! All of this growth was due to the LearningRx program, an incredible instructor (Ms. Liz), and the increased confidence and determination she got from the success she experienced from the program along the way. This program was a game-changer for her and our family!

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