You can’t get this kind of result from a tutoring program! LearningRx Fresno, CA Review

Learning Rx customized a training program for my 5th grade son who struggled with what I thought was reading comprehension. His teacher thought he had attention problems and suggested medication. After 3 mos of brain training, my son enjoyed reading novels, retained the information, and achieved straight A’s. The biggest change was no more late nights at home sitting down with my son to make him focus on homework! We have more quality family time and less stress about homework! It has been 4 years since he finished the program and he continues to excel with high honors at school without intervention. And he loves to learn! You can’t get this kind of result from a tutoring program. Because it is Not a tutoring program. It is cognitive training to help improve skills such as short-term memory and executive processing (which were some of the lacking areas that made reading difficult for my son). I was so impressed by my son’s results that I also signed up for the program. I am forever grateful for Learning Rx!

Aimee T.

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