After dead-end tutoring, we finally found a program that worked. LearningRx Maple Grove, MN Review

After endless hours of dead-end tutoring, wasted money and frustration, we finally found a program that worked. Brain training has been the single most transformative experience in my son’s life. We were finally able to get to the core of his issues. The initial assessment told us that his long term memory and visual processing skills were weak. They were able to focus the exercises and strengthen those connections. After a few weeks, he ‘woke up’. He began mastering the various levels and when he topped out, his trainer found inventive ways to keep him challenged. He began to realize he was capable and smart. He became the kid we always new he was. His teachers were amazed and pleased. They now recommend this program to other families. Yes, the program is intense but it works! He came to LearningRx frustrated and with low self-esteem. By the end he was a new kid. He also did very well on his college entrance tests and is now in college. The training did not fade, he still uses the techniques in some way, each day. As parents, we feel relieved and confident that he will be able to make good decisions, foster relationships and take care of himself as he matures.

Danny R.

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