We invested a lot of time and money in tutoring and the results were pretty small. LearningRx Santa Rosa, CA Review

School was always hard for my son. He had difficulty learning to read so we took him to a reading tutor when he was in 2nd grade.  I thought it was helping, it seemed like he was making progress, but towards the end of the year the teacher called me in to say that while he was making progress, he was still very far behind his peers. He still could not remember sight words and was sounding out short 3 and 4 letter words.   We invested a lot of time and money in tutoring that year and again during 3rd grade, and the results were pretty small.

Fast forward to 5th grade.  His teachers told me he was reading at a beginning of 2nd grade level.  I had heard about brain training from a friend and decided to take him to LearningRx.   My son’s assessment showed me that his auditory processing, memory and processing speed were weak.  This was why he was not making much progress with school and tutoring.  They weren’t working on his weak areas, they just kept making him read more.

I am so grateful that we found LearningRx.  The areas he was weak in are now stronger, he is finally reading at grade level! It is so nice to see my son confident and actually enjoying reading (which for years I thought would never happen.)  While my hope was that he would become a better reader, it turns out by training his brain other areas are now easier for him too.  In math he used to hate word problems.  Now they are not so hard.  He also has an insatiable appetite for knowledge now.  If he learns about a new place he has never been, he can’t wait to get online and research it and learn as much as he can.  It’s like the training unlocked his curiosity and desire to learn.  Thank you LearningRx for giving my son the skills and confidence that have made school a place to learn, rather than a place to struggle.

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