After trying tutoring programs, we decided to try LearningRx… Colorado Springs, CO Review

Jenna did great in school until the 3rd grade. Jenna was having trouble reading, remembering her spelling words, and learning her math facts.As a homeschool parent, I was at the “end of my rope” trying all kinds of different methods to get her math facts and spelling tricks to ‘stick” with no success. Reading was arduous and Jenna would leave out words, input extra words, and make up words that she couldn’t sound out. We soon had some testing done at another facility and learned that Jenna had Dyslexia. After trying different tutoring programs which didn’t work, we decided to try LearningRx. Our initial testing showed there were definite improvements that needed to be made to make learning easier for her. Forward to the end of the Einstein program: Jenna’s reading has improved, math has gotten easier and spelling has improved! She now knows all the great things she is capable of doing! I feel like her obstacles have finally been removed and she will now be able to accomplish all that she sets her mind to!

Vicki E.

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