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Learning Rx Reviews Brain Training Cost vs. Sylvan Tutoring



Area of Specialty

One-on-one brain training for cognitive skills, such as attention, working memory, auditory processing, visual processing, logic & reasoning, and processing speed. Help for reading, math, comprehension, preschoolers, study skills.

Academic tutoring for reading, writing, and math, ACT/SAT prep, robotics/engineering courses


*parental involvement optional, lowers price

Plus materials

Length of programs

12-40 Weeks

Not reported

Program Outcomes

Average IQ increase of 15 points (n=17,998)
Average cognitive skill gain of 3.6 years
3.5-year gain in reading
20+ completed or ongoing studies

.33- to 1-year gain in math or reading

The information in the comparison chart above was gathered from multiple internet sites, including each company’s own website, parent forums, blogs, and review sites.

LearningRx Compares cost of Brain Training versus Sylvan Tutoring

The costs of both LearningRx and Sylvan vary based on the amount of training or tutoring needed, as well as the expected program outcomes. As you can see on each company’s website, parents and students won’t know exactly what program is needed – or how much it will cost – until they are able to determine the student’s needs and identify program goals. In as little as 12 weeks, LearningRx students experience significant gains in cognitive skills, which are the foundational skills needed to think, learn, and perform in school and in life. Sylvan does not report the length of time it takes to experience a gain in math or reading; however, many families report attending a Sylvan Learning Center for the duration of their child’s school years. LearningRx training is designed to take years of therapy and intervention and condense it into a few months, so that the student can achieve results quickly.

LearningRx Time Commitment versus Sylvan

As mentioned above, the time commitment – which adds an additional “cost” to the program – is likely to be lower with LearningRx when compared with Sylvan. In general, LearningRx programs last between 12 and 40 weeks – or 60-200 hours – and students experience life-changing cognitive skill gains in that time. Sylvan does not report an amount of time for their reported results; however, the gains reported are a small fraction of the improvements of LearningRx students. Ultimately, the question is this: are you looking for an intense program that creates big gains in a short period of time, or an ongoing program that creates minimal improvements, designed to sustain a student in the program for years?

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  1. Katie.Kemp says:

    Our daughter was having a hard time with school work. She seemed to have a hard time concentrating, keeping her mind on her work at school and home, and her grades were showing it. We put her in Sylvan which didn’t help at all (for 2 years). We heard about LearningRx, and decided to try it. Things began to come easier for our daughter. Her concentration was better, and her grades have done remarkably better. She seems to be a happier person, with more self confidence. Her LearningRx trainer has been great with her also. We are very pleased with all the progress our daughter has made during…

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