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LearningRx Reviews Brain Training cost vs. Huntington Learning Center Tutoring



Area of Specialty

One-on-one brain training for cognitive skills, such as attention, working memory, auditory processing, visual processing, logic & reasoning, and processing speed. Help for reading, math, comprehension, preschoolers, study skills.

Academic tutoring for reading, writing, science, and math, ACT/SAT/PSAT prep


*parental involvement optional, lowers price

Plus materials

Length of programs

12-40 Weeks

Not reported

Program Outcomes

Average IQ increase of 15 points (n=17,998)
Average cognitive skill gain of 3.6 years
3.5-year gain in reading
20+ completed or ongoing studies

1.2- to 2-year gain in math or reading
4-point ACT score increase 200-point SAT score increase

The information in the comparison chart above was gathered from multiple internet sites, including each company’s own website, parent forums, blogs, and review sites.

The Cost of LearningRx Brain Training Compared with Tutoring at Huntington Learning Centers

A quick look at each company’s website will show that parents and students won’t know exactly what program is needed – or how much it will cost – until they are able to determine the student’s needs and identify each program’s goals. Ultimately, the costs of both LearningRx and Huntington will vary based on the amount of training or tutoring needed, as well as the expected program outcomes. In as little as 12 weeks, LearningRx students experience significant gains in cognitive skills, which are the foundational skills needed to think, learn, and perform in school and in life. Huntington does not report the length of time it takes to experience a gain in math or reading; however, many families attend Huntington for specific help with standardized tests and college prep.

LearningRx is One-on-One – Huntington includes Group Tutoring

It is also important to compare the amount of individual attention that the student is receiving. The cost of LearningRx brain training is based on a focused hour of one-on-one training between a student and trainer. This ensures that each individual student’s needs are met, that weaknesses are addressed, and that there is no potential of being “left behind” when compared to another student. Conversely, many Huntington tutoring sessions are designed to be administered three-to-one, meaning that each family pays the same amount – making the session cost more. Additionally, the likelihood that a student’s individual needs will be addressed decreases as more students compete for a tutor’s undivided attention. The cost of private tutoring may differ from that of group tutoring, and the outcomes may vary as well.

2 responses to “LearningRx Reviews Brain Training cost vs. Huntington Learning Center Tutoring”

  1. Becca says:

    When we started LearningRx we had tried everything the school had to offer in getting extra help and even tutoring on Saturdays, nothing helped long-term. When we first started LearningRx we could see improvements in her remembering to do things, like getting her backpack without being prompted. Homework does not take her as long to do now and she does not get as frustrated when she does not know how to do something. Now, at the end, we have seen great improvements in her spelling and reading and in her confidence! We are thankful for LearningRx!

  2. Dara L says:

    My son was struggling with math during his 5th grade year. By the time Christmas came around, I was concerned about his grades and that he might not complete 5th grade successfully. I heard of LearningRx through my pediatrician’s office, and I was intrigued. I knew that I was not capable of tutoring him, and I felt that this was the best option for my son.

    I was impressed with the Learning Rx program, and his trainer was very patient with him. I was quite pleased when my son got his report card. He scored a 96% in Math on his TCAP! He made remarkable progress because he was nearly failing math a few months before. I am very grateful for the skills he has developed through this program.

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