Brain Training vs. Tutoring

LearningRx Reviews Cost vs. Brain Balance


Brain Balance®

Area of Specialty

One-on-one brain training for cognitive skills, such as attention, working memory, auditory processing, visual processing, logic & reasoning, and processing speed. Help for reading, math, comprehension, preschoolers, study skills.

Sensory motor, eye tracking, balance, rhythm, and nutrition planning


*parental involvement optional, lowers price

Including weekly nutritional supplements
*parental involvement required for daily home activities

Length of programs

12-40 Weeks

Not reported

Program Outcomes

Average IQ increase of 15 points (n=17,998)
Average cognitive skill gain of 3.6 years
3.5-year gain in reading
20+ completed or ongoing studies

No outcomes reported (testimonials only)

The information in the comparison chart above was gathered from multiple internet sites, including each company’s own website, parent forums, blogs, and review sites.

LearningRx Brain Training Cost versus Brain Balance Sensory Motor Integration Cost

In the chart above, you can see the cost for LearningRx one-on-one brain training and Brain Balance training are similar. However, an important distinction is in the somewhat “hidden” costs of a Brain Balance program. In addition to the weekly visits to a Brain Balance center, parents are required to purchase nutritional supplements. They are also required to perform at-home activities daily, which adds a further time commitment to the cost of the program.

LearningRx Results versus Brain Balance Results

It is also important to note the results of each program. For nearly 18,000 LearningRx students of all ages who completed a one-on-one brain training program, the average cognitive skill gain is 3.4 years, and the average reading gain is 3.5 years. There are no published outcomes for Brain Balance participants. Instead, Brain Balance lists only their students’ and parents’ testimonials. In addition to the published results of the Client Outcomes and Research Results Report, you can view parent and student testimonials at and

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