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LearningRx vs. Brain Games

LearningRx Reviews the Cost of Brain Training vs. Digital Brain Games

Many people download digital games to their phones and computers, in hopes of training their brains. While digital brain games are a great addition to your smartphone library, they will not be able to achieve the same level of change as a one-on-one brain training program. As you consider paying a monthly fee to spend 10-20 minutes per day “training your brain,” remember that without the one-on-one relationship of a personal brain trainer, it is unlikely that you will achieve significant results through digital gaming.

LearningRx Reviews Brain Training Research on Digital Games

According to a randomized controlled trial, digital games alone are not able to produce the level of change that LearningRx training can create in one-on-one training sessions. You can learn more about the effectiveness of digital training as compared to LearningRx one-on-one training in our “Client Outcomes and Research Results” report. Numerous articles and studies have been released on the efficacy of digital games, and the overwhelming result of that research shows that digital games alone do not produce significant results.


Is One-on-One Training Worth the Cost?

In the same way that hiring a personal trainer is often the best way to meet your physical fitness goals – because of the relationship, accountability, and the trainer’s ability to push you to achieve greater results – hiring a one-on-one brain trainer is the best way to realize significant cognitive gains. To date, digital gaming has not been able to produce the same level of change (such as an average IQ increase of 15 points among 17,998 students) compared to personal, one-on-one brain training that is catered to each individual’s needs. If you are looking for a program that will make a real and significant impact on your child, then one-on-one brain training with LearningRx is your best option.

If you’d like to discover more about LearningRx, then find a learning center near you today. If you’d like to know more about opening a center of your own, so that you can help students of all ages improve their cognitive skills, then visit our franchise site!

2 responses to “LearningRx vs. Brain Games”

  1. Vicki Ott says:

    We made an investment in our grandson’s future with Learning RX! Aaron’s learning, retention, reasoning ability and confidence grew significantly since he began the program.
    In 4th Grade, Math was the most difficult subject for him, and is now in 5th grade is his favorite subject! He has gone from “I️ hate school!” to being up and ready to go without the bad mood.
    This leg of Aaron’s journey came to an end today after several months, but thankfully, they will be there to help him if/when he needs a booster in the future.
    Thanks, Learning RX! You were the answer to this grandmother’s prayer!

  2. Katie says:

    I was skeptical at first. After a few weeks I started seeing drastic changes. LearningRx along with his trainer have made great strides with Daniel. We see it in not only his grades/schoolwork, but in other areas as well. I cannot thank our trainer enough. Daniel doesn’t work well with many people, but his trainer was one of the few that got through to him. Daniel is now using skills he’s learned and automatically applying them without hesitation.

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