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LearningRx vs. Memory Loss Test and MindSparke

Memory Loss Test Reviews LearningRx and MindSparke

At LearningRx, our one-on-one brain training focuses on the seven core cognitive skills needed to think, learn, and remember. These cognitive skills are: attention, short-term (or working) memory, processing speed, visual processing, long-term memory, auditory processing, and logic and reasoning. In one-on-one brain training sessions, our LearningRx trainers work with kids and adults to improve these cognitive skills and to make it easier to think, remember, and perform both inside and outside the classroom or office. In many cases, an individual who is struggling in school, at home, or in the workplace, has a cluster of weak skills that is impacting their performance. For example, across more than 5,000 individuals with a prior ADHD diagnosis, LearningRx students had a cluster of weak skills, including working memory, processing speed, long-term memory, and broad attention. The MindSparke computer software program is designed to improve working memory based on the Jaeggi-Buschkuehl dual n-back task, but does not address any underlying cognitive skill weaknesses.

LearningRx vs. MindSparke Scientific Evidence

LearningRx brain training has results on more than 18,000 clients who show an average IQ increase of 15 points, as well as a reading gain of 3.5 years and a math gain of 3.4 years in as little as six months. LearningRx also has peer-reviewed research and randomized controlled trials to show evidence of the effectiveness of the one-on-one training, as well as the combination of one-on-one and digital training. MindSparke is a “faithful implementation” of the n-back test developed by Jaeggi and Buschkuehl, but does not have any scientific evidence that their software is effective.

You can learn more about the results of LearningRx students by reviewing the “Client Outcomes and Research Results” report, which includes pre- and post-test results of 17,998 clients, as well as peer-reviewed articles and randomized controlled trial results.

LearningRx vs. MindSparke Cost

It would be very difficult to compare the costs of LearningRx’s one-on-one brain training and a computer software like MindSparke. Essentially, that is like comparing the cost of a smartphone app and a personal trainer to help you lose weight. The aims of each may be to improve health, but the methods and success of each are understandably different. If you are serious about improving cognitive skills, learning to read, improving attention, or remembering more, then a one-on-one brain training program, whose cost is higher, is much more likely to deliver the results for which you’re hoping. Digital brain games and computer software may be fun, but their ability to create real life change is often limited and can lack true scientific evidence.

3 responses to “LearningRx vs. Memory Loss Test and MindSparke”

  1. Olivia says:

    My experience with LearningRx was fun. Even though it only lasted a little of the school year it helped a lot. LearningRx helped my grades and my focus. I am so glad I was a part of the program.

    One of the many things I enjoyed about LearningRx was that everyone was nice. Another thing is all of the fun activities we did, they seemed like games, but they were helping your brain. The thing about my grades again is that my grades went from C’s to B’s and A’s. I am just proud of myself and my trainer. I know next year I will do really good in school. Thanks to LearningRx I will do so much better in school.

    Now I want to thank my trainer for working with me and making me better. My experience was great. I can’t thank them enough.

  2. mom of ADHD says:

    I was really excited to read the research on Learning Rx and see that they have peer reviewed articles. Digital programs don’t seem to really work and don’t have research that shows anything changes for the kid. Only thing really recommended for ADHD kids is cognitive training (like Learning Rx).

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