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LearningRx vs. Sylvan

LearningRx vs. Sylvan Assessment Process

Unlike LearningRx, Sylvan does not have an online assessment to determine if their tutoring programs are right for you. However, their site lists options like tutoring, reading tutor, math tutor, and SAT/ACT prep as options within their learning centers. However, if your child is struggling to keep up with peers, is years behind in one or more subject, or has a hard time paying attention and remembering what he or she learns, then a cognitive skills assessment from LearningRx, which is designed to discover the underlying reasons why your child is struggling, is often the best option.

LearningRx vs. Sylvan Clients

Sylvan works with children looking for additional academic help, test prep help, or extracurricular educational courses. LearningRx works with children and adults with reading, dyslexia, and auditory processing disorders, those with ADHD, learning disabilities, and those who struggle in a classroom environment. We also work with preschoolers, students with speech and language disorders, autism spectrum disorders, enhancement, and traumatic brain injury, as well as professionals, senior adults, and adults with mild cognitive impairment.

LearningRx vs. Sylvan Results

With results on 17,998 clients, LearningRx brain training has the scientific evidence to show that one-on-one brain training works. In as little as 12 weeks, LearningRx clients improve the skills needed to think faster, remember more, and perform better in school and in life. Clients saw an average reading skill gain of 3.5 years and an average math gain of 3.4 years in 120 hours. To learn more about LearningRx clients’ results, visit our Results page.

In field study results, Sylvan reported a .33 to one-year gain in either math or reading in multiple age groups. They also report that their students gain more skill than expected, when compared to students who do not attend their learning centers.

LearningRx vs. Sylvan Cost

3 responses to “LearningRx vs. Sylvan”

  1. Learning RX brain training= smart choice! � I’m a full time public school teacher that trains for Learning RX part-time. I love it! I wish public schools were training kids with the procedures that Learning RX uses! I have seen so many improvements and growth in the kids I train. It’s definitely worth it!

  2. Julie says:

    Our daughter was having a hard time with school work. She seemed to have a hard time concentrating, keeping her mind on her work at school and home, and her grades were showing it. We put her in Sylvan which didn’t help at all (for 2 years). We heard about LearningRx, and decided to try it. Things began to come easier for our daughter. Her concentration was better, and her grades have done remarkably better. She seems to be a happier person, with more self confidence. Her LearningRx trainer has been great with her also. We are very pleased with all the progress our daughter has made during LearningRx.

  3. Julie says:

    I took my son to Learning Rx several years ago when he was struggling with reading. He had been in school programs for two years and still tested very low. LearningRx has him reading in months, thank you.

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